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100% natural with no additives, using quality eec approved ingredients.

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Transform Your Dogs Diet with Raw Dog Food


sure4pets specialise in Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) that is species appropriate for dogs. We stock a wide range of raw dog food, treats, and eco-friendly or hardwearing accessories made to keep tails wagging while providing the healthiest possible diet for your dog – designed by nature. Our BARF supplies are of the best quality and consistency, ensuring your dog receives all the nutrients required for them to thrive, all while maintaining an ideal weight.


The health benefits from feeding a BARF diet are numerous, including: healthy digestion, an improved immune system, healthier joints, naturally clean teeth and healthy gums, a healthier skin and coat (which can dramatically decrease itching). You will see a much happier dog when they are feeling healthier; you’ll also see a reduction in vet’s bills! BARF helps to prevent and improve symptoms of many ailments and degenerative diseases (which can result from or be exacerbated by chemicals and toxins used to bulk and preserve commercial foods and treats for dogs).


Based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, sure4pets are passionate and committed to bringing fantastic quality BARF options to the UK, and we make sure to reward loyal customers with discounts and seasonal offers.


Why Choose Raw over Processed Dog Food?


Dogs have been naturally carnivorous for approximately 60,000 years and their digestive physiology and teeth have not changed with domestication. Scientific evidence backs this up. Carnivores don’t produce amylase or cellulose in their saliva, like their omnivore and herbivore counterparts do; amylase initiates the initial breakdown of carbohydrates, which carnivores are therefore less capable of doing. Dogs have the same teeth alignment and jaw structure as a carnivore (their jaw moves vertically up and down rather than side to side like omnivores and herbivores). Most importantly, for omnivores and herbivores to obtain nutrition from vegetation, their food needs to sit in the stomach for between 12-14 hours. A dog’s digestive system from start to finish is between 6-8 hours! It is therefore best for dogs to eat a diet more suited to their species, one provided by nature which synthetic commercial pet foods cannot effectively provide!


Commercial pet food is not a good nutritional choice for dogs for several reasons – here are just two of them. Firstly, the cooking process involved reduces nutritional content by 70% and even damages the ingredients, making them difficult to digest. Secondly, in order for commercial food to be sold as “complete and balanced” the companies have to put 70% of these lost nutrients back in to the food. The problem is that these added nutrients are manmade. In contrast, feeding a BARF / species appropriate diet ensures your dog will thrive rather than just survive, by promoting a more resilient immune system, healthier skin and coat, stronger teeth, and better digestion.


The pet food industry is mostly self-regulated. Feed trials last for only 26 weeks, with no testing for nutrient bioavailability. More disturbingly, commercial dog food often contains waste from the human food industry, such as leftover grains considered “unfit” for human food, dried swine waste, and animal foetuses. It is also not expressly forbidden by regulatory law to use euthanized animals for pet food. This lack of regulation is inspiring many dog-owners to switch over to a BARF / species appropriate diet.


Find out more about the effects of commercial dog food on our Raw Diets vs Commercial page.


Changing Over to Raw Dog Food


Starting your dog on raw food requires a changeover period, to ensure their digestive system has time to react to a natural diet after any period consuming a processed commercial diet full of synthetic carbohydrates. We offer help and guidance to ensure both your dog and you go through this changeover as smoothly as possible, but your carnivore’s naturally shorter digestive tract will soon adapt to its intended raw food diet!


Your dog’s body will adapt in a few key ways to the more natural dietary change. Their stomach acid will change to its natural pH level of between 1-2 and the gut flora will be re-balanced. This can take a few weeks.


Find out more about transitioning your dog to a raw food diet on our Changing to BARF page.

Our Aims:

We aim to provide a range of quality products and a quality service

We also aim to reward the loyalty of our customers and pets, in terms of discounts and seasonal special offers.

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